Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 7: Derp

Sorry for the delay, I'm sorta busy this week and shit.

So I ended the fast on Monday and my opinion is that it was successful. The breakfast on Monday morning was probably one of the tastiest things I've eaten; scrambled eggs with tomato, onion, green pepper in it, hash browns, OATMEALZ and plain yogurt with raspberries. I had a huge stomach ache about an hour later and took some tums and it went away, then continued on with my day eating every 3 hours as I previously did. I've gained 10 lbs since (trying to bulk up.)

I have a new perspective on what I need and what I want when it comes to consumables of any kind. I stopped taking all drugs when I started and I craved pretty much everything for 3 days. The only way to not be depressed or sitting fawning over food was to KEEP BUSY and not stay in my room for more than 5 minutes unless going to bed. I assume this goes for many psychological addictions, where you can't get it off your mind and think 'if I just had that I could go on with my day normally'. On day 4, I had no cravings as noted and it continued to the end. One of the biggest benefits was for that week, I had a goal that predominated everything else. I was really driven to complete it and not lie about it or cheat, because cheating myself would be totally pointless and ruin it. I had a better sense of well-being and confidence and was driven to complete it. I guess if I had an actual long-term goal or dream in life that's what it would be like. FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU

I wish I had the privilege of being that black guy

The Vibrams are really awesome. I have huge callouses on my feet now, which is good, and my feetsies are getting bigger from the extra work involved. I recommend them to anyone who runs anywhere, especially outdoors. For some reason, one of my friends thinks Mario Kart 64 is the best, probably because the particular person is FUKEN RETURDED. Isn't Double Dash the best ever?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fast Day 4: My butt hurts

Good day all. May His noodley appendage caress you on your path to greatness. Nothing special happened yesterday so I didn't get around to posting.

I woke up and defecated for the first time since Monday, and it was quite foul and discolored. It's some of the stuff that's been chillin in my bod for so long, and there's probably more to come. Pee turned somewhere between green, pale orange, and skin-tone all day yesterday and this morning; if anyone knows if I'm going to die because of whatever it means then I guess it would be cool if you told me but whatever. I'm not hungry anymore, but I can sort of "feel" my stomach all the time. I drank about 4 liters of water per day so far and I expect it to be pretty much the same or more in the coming days. I ran outside for fun as well, running is FUCKING AWESOME!

Ordered these and they'll arrive tomorrow or Monday.

I started Fallout: New Vegas last night, hardcore mode makes it much more fun. I was talking with my acquaintance and we wondered why there is no co-op or weather like in any other game that's out now. It would make it so much better.. Anyone else started it?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fast Day 2: Boredom on the Horizon

The second day of my fast was started by two guys outside my door knocking at 7:00 and one on a cherry-picker outside my window staring at me. They're fixing the windows to my building cause one almost fell earlier this semester (apparently) so they're putting an extra hinge on every single one. It got me up earlier I suppose..

Anyways, I don't feel very hungry like I was yesterday, but I also haven't smelled anything delicious yet. My throat is really sore and red, so I think I'm either sick or my body is ridding an old sickness or whatever. I heard sicknesses that didn't really go away are lived through again in reverse until they're gone! I'll be glad if that works, I've had mucus sitting in the back of my mouth for years now. I also had a headache before I went to bed last night, attributing it to transition into no food-ness. One is supposed to have more energy since metabolism is down, but I haven't really felt any of that yet, and headache is actually coming back as I type.. OH WELL!

Though one isn't supposed to exercise much while commencing with this ancient ritual, I sort of feel like dancing today.. I'm not very good, but it's still fun. This is a classic vidya I would like to share, 2:06 is pretty much the best part.

As for the title, I really don't have a lot to do today, so I'll probably lurk, study or read, I guess. Food and smoakan were important parts of my schedule, or rather huge cruches! It frees up between one and two hours of time, though a lot of that is the socializing aspect. For the record, yesterday I had about 500 American calories throughout the day. Today it will be zero.

Monday, October 18, 2010

No, it is not an anagram of my name.

Hello sirs, I just started a fast today.

The purpose is to prove to myself that I can manage without any crutches. Since March earlier this year, I have smoaked weed and taken vyvanse errday, with some days off on vyv. I don't feel myself anymore! So here I am resisting temptations and doing my best to learn discipline. I don't think my mouth has watered so much as today when I walked through my uni's cafe. I used my meal to borrow bowls, cups, silverware, and a shitton of bananas though, so it's all good.

I also was told by a source with an anecdote of their own that fasting will destroy tolerance to certain drugs, so that is a positive. I shall chronicle this endeavor as best I can!
Jackass 3D was a pretty funny movie. I'd say it goes 1 > 2 > 3 , even though some of the skits are sorta exaggerated... The actual show was best though.